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During the Thirty Years' War, the Swedish army was one of the strongest in the whole of Europe. Perfectly organized regular troops performed brilliant military actions. Upon gaining rich financial support from France, they successfully invaded German territory. The most noted name of that period is that of the great military reformer, Gustaf II Adolf. He reorganized cavalry and infantry. Cavalry now paid less attention to shooting and more to horse riding. Infantry regiments were diminished in number in order to make them more mobile. As a result, the Swedish army defeated the Denmark and the kingdom of Norway. The Swedish army invaded Poland, which was exhausted by its long struggle against Russia, and took the capital Warsaw. In 1699, a coalition against Sweden was created by Russia, Saxony, Denmark and Poland. This led to Sweden's defeat during the Great Northern War.

Characteristics Edit

Sweden has three unique units:

  • Swedish Rider (replaces heavy cavalry; cheaper and faster to train, but less armor except bullet protection)
  • Hakkapeliitta (fast 17th century cavalry with good attack)
  • 18th century Pikeman (stronger than the standard 18th cent. Pikeman, takes slightly longer to train)

Strategy Edit

Sweden is quite balanced. In the early to mid-game, Swedish Riders are a good counter against Musketeers. Alternatively, Hakkapeliitta can be trained to exert early distraction attacks against vulnerable spots.

In the 18th century, Sweden can train stronger 18th century Pikemen to effectively counter cavalry attacks.

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