Scotland is a playable nation in Cossacks 3, added in the Guardians of the Highlands expansion.

Background Edit

The inhabitants of the far north of Britain are renowned for fiercely resisting foreign subjugation since the times of the Romans. However, when the Kingdom of England was taken over by the Normans in the 11th century, Scotland would begin to be slowly overtaken in population, territory, economic and military might by its southern neighbor. The border constantly in flux between the two would often be subject to Scottish raids, to which the English would reply with their own attacks. Nevertheless, the English would, over the course of the High Middle Ages, gradually take small pieces of land from Scotland. The Wars of Scottish Independence would see Scotland remain independent however, through the near ubiquitous adoption of the pike in the Scottish arsenal to counter English heavy cavalry. England would not dare to launch a full-scale invasion of Scotland, however, due to the Auld Alliance, Scotland's military alliance with England's long-time continental enemy, France, a powerful kingdom.

Scotland's independence would be in serious jeopardy in the 16th century, with the death of English queen Elizabeth I and the ascension of her nephew, James I, to the English throne. At this time, however, he was also James VI, King of Scotland. Thus, England and Scotland would be united in a personal union for the remainder of the Stuart dynasty's time on the throne. Charles I, James I and VI's grandson, in an attempt to turn England into a Catholic, absolute monarchy, instigated the British Civil Wars, of which Scotland would greatly participate in. At its end, Scotland and the monarchy were defeated, and integrated into the Commonwealth. When the English monarchy was restored in the late 17th century, Scotland regained much of its institutions, but lost a vast majority of its political power. The Glorious Revolution in the last decades of the 17th century spelled a new Protestant line of monarchs, beginning with William III. This greatly upset the pro-Stuart (who were Catholic) Jacobites centered in Scotland, leading to the Jacobite Revolts. Scotland would once again be defeated by the English, and an exhausted Scotland accepted the 1707 Acts of Union. This marked the end of an independent Scotland, and the creation of the United Kingdom.

Characteristics Edit

Scotland is one of the most unique nations in the game, such as Turkey, Ukraine, and Algeria. Unable to advance to the 18th century, they rely on unique Covenanter Pikemen and Covenanter Musketeers from their 17th century Barracks as the backbone of their infantry force. Perhaps their greatest power comes from the Castle, their unique building capable of training Clan Swordsmen and Clan Bowmen, elite melee and ranged infantry, respectively. Clan Swordsmen are arguably one of the most powerful infantry units in the game, with high attack and defense values.

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