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Russia's military forces were rather poorly organized in comparison to western European armies. Despite their enormous number (about 200,000), they were not properly trained to perform military operations. There were also strelets riots. But thanks to progressive reforms implemented by Tsar Peter I, the army grew stronger. He formed a new well-trained Russian army capable of defeating a strong enemy like Sweden. Developing rapidly during the 18th century, it became one of Europe's mightiest armies. Russia also profited greatly from its huge territory, natural resources and enormous population.

Characteristics Edit

Similar to Poland, Russia's unique units are all trained in the 17th century. Their Spearmen have less armor than the standard 17th century Pikemen, the Strelets (replacing the 17th century Musketeer) are about as effective as their standard counterparts, with more hitpoints and defense upgrade, but less range and longer training time. In return, the Strelet barracks (replacing the 17th century barracks) is much cheaper, which allows more of them to be built early in the game.

The stable costs mainly wood and allows the training of Vityaz and Don Cossacks in the 17th century. Vityaz are heavy armored riders with exceptional armor against arrows and the most hitpoints of all land units (except artillery). They take a long time to train, though. Don Cossacks are light, but slow melee cavalry armed with a lance. They are weaker than Vityaz, but cheaper and faster to train.

Russian walls take about twice as long to construct. Their towers also take longer to build, but have more hitpoints and also some initial armor.

18th century units are standard.

Strategy Edit

Comparable to Poland, there is usually no need to quickly advance to the 18th century, as it only offers standard units. Wood is the most important ressource because both the Strelet barracks and the stable take a lot of wood to be built.

Vityaz are especially effective against archer units, usually fielded in large numbers by Algeria.

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