Prussia is a playable faction in Cossacks 3.

Background Edit

Prussia's origins go back to the Late Middle Ages as a territory conquered by the Teutonic Order in a region at the Baltic Sea, around today's Kaliningrad (former Königsberg, which is now a part of Russia). After incorporating the Mark Brandenburg (today's Berlin-Brandenburg area), Prussia managed to successively expand their territory by means of politics and warfare, including the main part of northern Germany, as well as big parts of today's Poland and southern Denmark.

The rulers of northern Germany did not possess sufficient money to recruit the necessary number of soldiers in a critical moment, as it was done in France. Therefore the country pursued a policy of creating a strong national army. Electors tended to join efforts in the struggle against their common enemy. The Thirty Years' War resulted in the formation of the Brandenburg-Prussian army. The main principle of its management was division by districts. Each district was obliged to take care of the army within its territory. If a district did not supply the required resources, the army simply took them. Such interaction of military and civil managerial staff gradually created a system that allowed the army to be supplied without plundering the country. One of the problems was a lack of people. During the Thirty Years' War, obligatory conscription was introduced, and grew to a much larger scale during the reign of Frederick William I. Officers snatched any fit people and recruited them to the regiments by force. But at last this process was brought to some degree of order, and a fair recruitment system was created. This resulted in a strong army by the second half of the 18th century.

Characteristics Edit

While having no exceptional units in the 17th century, the progress into the 18th century offers three modified units:

  • 18th century Musketeer with a stronger ranged attack (22 instead of 16) and slightly bigger range (950 instead of 900), but in return more expensive and take longer to train (6 seconds instead of 4.5)
  • Grenadier with slightly more hitpoints (125 instead of 120) and a faster rate of fire (4.4 seconds reload time compared to 5.3 s for standard Grenadiers)
  • Hussars which have less attack (9 instead of 12), but are much faster to train (11.25 seconds compared to 15)

Prussia's 18th century upgrade costs less iron and coal, but more gold.

Strategy Edit

As Prussia's unique units are all trained in the 18th century, a fast advance to the 18th century is useful to field the strong 18th century Musketeers and Grenadiers as soon as possible. Gold is very important in the beginning because of the higher 18th century advance cost, the consequent cost of the 18th century barracks and the high training costs. Later, iron becomes more important for the Hussar's attack upgrades.

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