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This country formed itself after the revolution of 1566 - precisely in 1588, when the Spanish supremacy was fended off. In 1572, a rebellion broke out in the northern Netherlands under William of Orange. In the end, all northern regions were free from Spaniards. In 1576, the southern region joined the independent state. The Catholic Church was taken possession of all property; Calvinism triumphed as the main religion. In 1577, Spanish armies again attempted to occupy the country. Neither side succeeded in remaining victorious for long. In 1579, a coalition of seven provinces arose in the northern Netherlands and in 1581 it became the Republic of the United Netherlands. From England, the Netherlands received strong support against the Spaniards. The war against Spain continued until 1648. Taking the Spanish colonies cost Holland a series of brutal battles. While an independent republic was founded in the north, the south remained under Spanish domination and was later given to Austria in the peace treaty of Utrecht. The pinnacle of Dutch prosperity was in the 17th and 18th century. The strong fleet of the Netherlands fought for naval dominance and confronted the British in the colonies. Their land armies were famous for their discipline and for a large corps of well-trained officers. After enduring wars, the English gained supremacy on the sea, but Holland remained a highly developed European state.

Characteristics Edit

The Netherland can train two unique units:

  • 17th century Musketeer (has less attack, but fires faster and takes less time to train)
  • 18th century Dragoon (has less attack and range and takes longer to train, but has more hitpoints and fires faster)

Strategy Edit

With a big number of fast-firing 17th century Musketeers, the probability of critical hits is increased, which is an advantage against smaller armies with stronger units. In the 18th century, the Dragoons can form a pretty enduring ranged force.

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