Background Edit

First mentions of Bavarian duchies date from the 6th century. At this time, the Bavarian state came into being from the Agilofinger tribe. The first Bavarian settlement was built near the river Isar (in the area of ​​present-day Munich). In 788 Charlemagne disempowered the Bavarian ruler Tassilos III and annexed the region as a province of his empire. In 1214, Pfalz am Rhein was added to Bavaria. Like the other duchies of the Holy Roman Empire, Bavaria was a relatively independent state which exerted a considerable influence on European politics and played an active role in the European wars of the 17th - 18th century. In the Spanish War of Succession, Bavaria fought on the French side against the English and Austrians. The Bavarians also participated in the Thirty Years' War and the Prussian-Austrian War.

Characteristics Edit

Bavaria has two unique units:

  • 18th century Musketeer (better firepower and range, less melee attack, take slightly longer to train)
  • Grenadier (better firepower, less melee attack, slightly more hitpoints and training cost)

Strategy Edit

Similar to Prussia and Denmark, Bavaria is advised to advance to the 18th century relatively fast to get access to their strong Musketeer and Grenadier units. Their strong firepower gives Bavaria an advantage in the late game. The Musketeers' slighly longer range lets them effectively hold elevated positions. Upgrading them is important to let them hold their ground in melee battles.

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